Lifecycle Marketing Software is an SMS text marketing automation platform that helps Retailers with bricks and mortar stores connect with their customers and drive in store traffic.

Send messages that get opened

SMS Marketing97% of text messages are actually read. This is a much higher level of engagement than any other form of direct marketing. SMS also includes one direct call to action, whether that be a link to your website or a promo code to come shop in your store.

Stay in contact with your best customers

VIP Ribbon IconYour best customers are the ones most likely to sign up for an SMS program. Maintain a strong relationship with them by enrolling them in your insider texting service. Give them a reason to visit your store with weekly messages on store promotions, new arrivals, in store events, or any other campaigns you can imagine.

Build campaigns that enhance your customer relationships

UPC Shopping Bag IconLifecycle Marketing Software’s automation platform was built to let you set up and run campaigns directly from your cell phone. Within a few minutes you can have the following campaigns up and running:

  • Thank customers for signing up for your text messaging campaign
  • Automatically follow up after a recent store visit
  • Survey your customers after a store visit
  • Send Rewards points updates
  • Send promos to invite customers to come back and shop with you again

Geo-target your campaigns to generate stronger engagement

Geo Location IconLifecycle Marketing Software gives you the tools to send messages to customers at one specific store. You can further narrow down your target list by sending to only those customers at a specific store who have not visited in one month and then send them a campaign with a coupon to entice them to come back and shop again in your store.

Add your store employees

Employee IconThe Lifecycle Marketing Software platform gives you the opportunity to add your employees to your text marketing automation campaigns in order to create a more personalized experience for your customers. You can also send SMS messages to your entire team, for instance to let them know about current store promotions.

Sign up today!

Launch IconVisit our pricing page to select the plan that makes the most sense for your business. We have plans that range from starter packages all the way up to businesses that have been using text messaging on a regular basis and are now ready to begin sending more relevant, personalized messaging to their customers. Click the link below to view the pricing section and get started!