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Group Types

GROUP TYPES let you segment your database in order to send targeted messages based on customer behavior. They tie in with the current lifecycle stage of every one of your customers. The basic GROUP TYPES are:

In-Store Events
Master List
New Customer
Recent Store Visit
Winback/Lapsed Purchaser

Give some thought to how you would like to use these Group Types. For instance if you have a customer’s actual birthday it may make sense to bring that birthday date into your account and have it trigger automatically on the customer’s birthday. The same holds true for Recent Store Visit and Survey Group Types. The app provides as much flexibility as possible with the understanding it may be difficult to bring in every data field, so you can simply import a list via CSV of people who have a birthday this month, create a birthday campaign and then send the message to everyone on the Birthday Group Type.

Let’s look at the three different ways you can leverage birthday info in the app.

Importing Group Types via CSV

For most customers it is easiest for them to upload a CSV (comma separated value) file. You can use this sample CSV file as a way to build out your import and map the data you would like to bring into the app.

When planning a birthday campaign, we have two options:

Option 1: Import Birthday Information as  Group Type

Import a list of people where you don’t have the exact date of birth. For instance some businesses will only collect their customer’s birth month. So let’s say we are going to import a list of customers where all we know is that their birth month is October. Download this list of customers from your point of sale platform or wherever this information is stored.

Next, we upload it into your app. Here is the key data we want to import:


The First Name field is optional. The Mobile Phone Number field is required, otherwise we can’t send the text message. The Birthday Group field is optional, however we are going to need to include this data in order to populate our Birthday Group so we send the text message to the appropriate people.

Once this CSV file has been uploaded you can send a message to the birthday Group Type.

Option 2: Import Birthdate

If you store the actual birthdate then the entire process can be automated. First you bring in the data via a CSV file. See the screenshot and note the field name is different than the one we used for the birthday Group Type example:


From here the system will automatically trigger birthday messages once you take the birthday automation live.